A Dangerous Poet for Dangerous Times!

Author, poet, and former Reuters journalist, Abdiel LeRoy, takes us through the inferno of global with all its absurdities and horrors…

Daring to see and state the obvious,
Decry hypocrisy, prophetically to see
Not just the future but the now,
The awful now, and make some sense of it.

Created over 20 years, these three volumes overthrow the lies and blasphemies of three imperial presidencies under Bush, Obama, and Trump. Here, you will find no resort to outdated ‘left-wing’ or ‘right-wing’ proclamations, no flag-waving for Democrat or Republican, but fierce denouncement of the political power-brokers, whether in Washington, London, Moscow, or Paris.

Yet LeRoy is not your typical fire-and-brimstone prophet. His moods range from witty satire to biting irony, from bawdy wordplay to melancholic lament, even as he brings each White-House occupant before the throne of God, whether for mercy or judgment…

Rejoice! The day is come when every soul,
His placement for eternity to take
And due reward bestowed his earthly role,
Learns what pronouncement God for him shall make.

Now, having been called “Mr. President”
By doting throngs, Bush steps up to the fore,
For Heaven should follow earthly precedent
And saints, like press, should worship and adore…

But Heaven is about to divulge a litany “of carnal, bloody, and unnatural acts”—to echo Shakespeare as this poet often does—with fraudulent elections, false-flag terrorism, war, assassination, torture, racism, planetary rape, and the rulings of corrupt courts. Throughout, LeRoy serves as a chronicler of world history over two decades. Among the signature events…

1. Volume I—Bush (2001-2009)

  • 9/11
  • The ‘War on Terror’
  • Military Invasion
  • Desecration of the Constitution
  • Hurricane Katrina

2. Volume II—Obama (2008-2017)

  • Nobel Prize… for Peace?!
  • BP oil spill
  • Nuclear disaster at Fukushima
  • Edward Snowden, and the NSA
  • Julian Assange, and ‘Collateral Murder’

3. Volume III—Trump (2016-2021)

  • Rule by tweet
  • Family separations
  • Threats of “fire and fury”
  • The emergence of ‘COVID’

Never was divine fire more poetically expressed. These three works establish LeRoy as “a brave new presence in the politics of the globe,” according to The San Francisco Review of Books, and are a collector’s item for the discerning library.

“So well done. A remarkable command of the language and great sensitivity. And doing all this in an entirely new way, wading into (almost) unexplored literary territory.”
Claude Forthomme

“Abdiel LeRoy’s poetry and prose offer intellectual nourishment for critical thinkers and seekers of truth… I highly recommend these books to anyone who seeks to escape from the ‘Matrix’.”
Annemarie M. Osborne

“If you wanted to extend the critical view of American political history into the present beyond Gore Vidal’s ‘Biography of the United States of America,’ these books would be the ticket… A joy to read and an invitation to keep your eyes open as to what is really going on.”
Rogier F. van Vlissingen

“LeRoy’s words dance.”
Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews

“A brave new presence in the politics of the globe.”
San Francisco Review of Books

“Absolutely hilarious and the perfect portrait of Donald Trump.”
Anna Maria Polidori

“Abdiel LeRoy’s poetry and prose offer intellectual nourishment for critical thinkers and seekers of truth… While I am not usually inclined to read poetry, this book has captured my interest with its flawless interpretation of the ‘Empire’. I highly recommend this book and its companion editions to anyone who seeks to escape from the ‘Matrix’.”

Annemarie M. Osborne

Hear the Author read from The Verses Verses Empire Collection

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01—Size Matters, Mr. Trump!

Trump likes to use the word “YUGE”, whether inflating his poll results or boasting about the size of bombs he’s dropped. Could he be compensating for something? From January 2017.

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02—The Citizenship Candidate

From January 2017.

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on the psychological condition of Mr. Trump. From July 2017.

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