“YUGE”, Mr. Trump? Could you be compensating for something?!

With savage wit, LeRoy strikes a devastating blow against empire and its rulers!

From Bush through Obama to Trump, LeRoy charts an epic course through the inferno of U.S. politics. Yet his verses are rendered with such wit and inventive force that the reader is entertained, rather than overwhelmed, and supported by a wealth of deeply researched historical record to inspire progressive forces at this critical time for humanity.

In the age-old contention between prophets and rulers, score one for the prophets, and witness that the pen really is mightier than the sword!


“A brave new presence in the politics of the globe.”
San Francisco Review of Books

“Absolutely hilarious and the perfect portrait of Donald Trump.”
Anna Maria Polidori

“Abdiel LeRoy’s poetry and prose offer intellectual nourishment for critical thinkers and seekers of truth… While I am not usually inclined to read poetry, this book has captured my interest with its flawless interpretation of the ‘Empire’. I highly recommend this book and its companion editions to anyone who seeks to escape from the ‘Matrix’.”

Annemarie M. Osborne

Hear the Author read from Verses Verses Empire—III

01—Size Matters, Mr. Trump!

Trump likes to use the word “YUGE”, whether inflating his poll results or boasting about the size of bombs he’s dropped. Could he be compensating for something? From January 2017.

02—The Citizenship Candidate

From January 2017.


on the psychological condition of Mr. Trump. From July 2017.

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