It’s Judgment Day, and George W. Bush strides confidently towards the throne of God. How will the Almighty respond?

With savage wit, LeRoy strikes a devastating blow against empire and its rulers!

Well I’m elected President,
Oh isn’t it a thrill?
I get to ride in limousines
Though the seats are stained by Bill…

From Bush through Obama to Trump, LeRoy charts an epic course through the inferno of U.S. politics, exposing the fraud and folly of empire and its rulers.

Yet his verses are rendered with such wit and inventive force that the reader is entertained, rather than overwhelmed, and supported by a wealth of deeply researched historical record to inspire progressive forces at this critical time for humanity.

In the age-old contention between prophets and rulers, score one for the prophets, and witness that the pen really is mightier than the sword!

“If you wanted to extend the critical view of American political history into the present beyond Gore Vidal’s ‘Biography of the United States of America,’ these books would be the ticket… A joy to read and an invitation to keep your eyes open as to what is really going on.”
Rogier F. van Vlissingen

“LeRoy’s words dance around the page so lyrically that a story emerges… It’s not just about Bush, but his era, the history, the events that may not be remembered by all. The most heart-wrenching is ‘Olympus Shook’ in relation to 9/11, and then ‘Doomsday’, on the aftermath.”
Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews, Top-10 Books of 2019

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