From Afghanistan — A Timeless Tale of Spicery and Silk
(Also available in Abdiel’s audiobook narration)

An innocent man must lose his freedom, an innocent girl must yield her virginity, in this traditional tale from an era of kings.

From bandit attacks in a forest to treacherous plots at court, their love will undergo many trials with Allah’s help, even if it comes in the form of a cheeky little mouse!

This book fulfils a promise Abdiel made to an Afghan restaurant owner who outlined the plot to him. It will transport you to a world of spicery and silk!

“Abdiel LeRoy continues to amaze in the strength of his storytelling!”
Andrea L. Stoeckel, Rokinrev Review

“LeRoy has a lyrical yet grand storytelling ability that is unlike any I have ever read (or listened to). His writing style and technique are a lost art. Mixing ancient history with romance, the story is intense, and the dialogue perfect for its place in time. Highly recommended.”
Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews

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