Abandon Yourself to the Grace of God!
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Grace means “the unmerited favor of God.” It’s a simple idea, transformative and freeing, yet our establishments of church and state are trying to keep it from you!

But, using principles from the Bible and great thinkers, this work of love and compassion gently leads you to freedom of conscience in every aspect of life, including “merciful munching”.

Meanwhile, with fierce prophetic fervor, LeRoy overturns the legalistic dogmas of church and state, takes up your cause, and restores you to Christ’s embrace.

Now awaken to this act of love, be transformed, be set free!


“Abdiel LeRoy is one of our treasured spiritual guidesa man who cares deeply about setting us free from the unnecessary restrictions imposed on us, as well as those that are self-imposed! Read this book and breathe freedom. Highly Recommended.”
San Francisco Review of Books

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