Immersion in God’s Love!

Grace means “the unmerited favor of God”, and this book holds every facet up to the light, illuminating the soul with love and compassion.

Using principles from the Bible and great thinkers, the author gently leads you to freedom of conscience in every aspect of life, including “merciful munching”.

Now let his voice awaken you to God’s compassion, transforming you and setting you free!

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“Abdiel LeRoy is one of our treasured spiritual guidesa man who cares deeply about setting us free from the unnecessary restrictions imposed on us, as well as those that are self-imposed! Read this book and breathe freedom. Highly Recommended.”
San Francisco Review of Books

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Section I (of 8) — The Return to Eden

Law is Our Enemy

Section II (of 8) — No Law = No Sin!

Death to the Decalogue!

The Two Commandments
Theology of the absurd

Faith = Righteousness
Enter Martin Luther

Ignorance is Bliss?
The unbendable arm!
Innocence transcendent
An undivided discourse

Section III (of 8) — In Christ

… And In His Merits

Christ Our Champion
Weakness ≠ wickedness
What would Jesus do? It’s done!

The Gospel of Immaculate Intention

A Life Retold
Taking credit
Heaven’s hagiography

Holiness for “Heathens”