Did you know that, under international law, no-one can demand you get a medical test, wear a mask, or have any other medical procedure?

And did you also know that no emergency, even if it threatens the life of a nation, takes away any of your rights? Or that any leader who attempts to persecute a group based on medical status is committing a Crime Against Humanity?!

Meanwhile, international law also confirms YOUR MEDICAL STATUS IS CONFIDENTIAL, a protection supported by medical codes dating back millennia to the Hippocratic Oath!

Yet governments are not only demanding we hand over this sacred information, but using it to divide and discriminate, penalizing bodily sovereignty and autonomy.


“I know in my heart that these measures are an offence against God,” writes Abdiel LeRoy in the Introduction to this book, “an attack on what it means to be human, and my spirit rebels against them. But merely having that instinct is not enough now. WHAT ARE MY RIGHTS?! I’m going to need more than personal disgust if I am to overrule the fearmongering tyrants who are exploiting Covid’s arrival to impose authoritarian rule. I’m going to need intellectual ammunition and armour based in constitutionality, law, and precedent, and I’m going to need it quickly. And when I have it, I will share it with those who may benefit.”

Here is the result. This book will protect you. It will remind you, and anyone who is trying to trample the sacred ground of your inalienable rights, of eternal values at the core of Humanity. You will learn how to be a CONSTITUTIONAL EXTREMIST, and you will find the sacred armour that guards you from ruling autocrats and their functionaries.

The author also counsels in overcoming fear, instead instilling the “fear of God” into the ‘pharaohs’ of this age, prophesying their downfall when, “like a mighty river,” Justice returns. Meanwhile, he calls for healing across the ‘vaccine divide’, and across the divides of police and civilian.

Here is your constitutional Bible, a rebuking voice to the winds and waves of fear and propaganda, and herald to a new and better world.

“A brave new presence in the politics of the globe.”
San Francisco Review of Books

“Intellectual nourishment for critical thinkers and seekers of truth.”

Annemarie M. Osborne

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