Strength Will Not Save, but Love Just Might!
(Also available in Abdiel’s audiobook narration)

A tree is torn from his forest home and all that he loves, but there is courage in the heart of a little boy to protect his belovèd tree.

Abdiel dreamt up this story after witnessing the abandonment of trees on city sidewalks after Christmas, but here his invention of a magical journey for one such tree will transport you through time and space and otherworldly encounter.

Imparting a hope that embraces all of humanity, The Christmas Tree is a testament to love in this world and the next.

“This small book packs more punch than 12 volumes of theological discourse. I highly highly recommend it as a teaching tool for pastors, church educators, and those who want to explain Christianity to others… so hopeful, so loving, so lovely, and faith-filled.”
Andrea L. Stoeckel

“A very timely spiritual Christian story for the holiday season… truly amazing… a moving audiobook that held my attention through the entire production. The narration was provided by the author himself, with a performance I found to be engaging, spirited, and moving.”

Joe Mahoney

“By the end had me in tears both of sadness and joy!… I will be reminded of this beautiful little book every year at Christmas from now on!!!!”

DD Gott

“Lyrical, spiritually enchanting… an important part of our literature.”

San Francisco Review of Books

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