Two Christian Branches, One Holy Root!
(Now joined by Abdiel’s audiobook narration)

A prophetic voice for our age, Abdiel LeRoy crafts visionary stories steeped in Biblical themes. The tales in this collection combine otherworldly visions, leaps through time and space, the interventions of angels, and face-to-face encounters with the Almighty Himself!

But those encounters are made possible only by the loving interventions of Jesus, embodying his role as Friend and Intercessor before the throne of God. Now let your imagination take flight with these wondrous tales!


1. The Christmas Tree

A tree is torn from his forest home and all that he loves, and brought into the world of men. Loved for a season then abandoned on the street, all seems lost, until a little boy takes up his cause.

2. Obama’s Dream

It’s April 2015. Obama is sleeping in the White House, though not peacefully, knowing the keys of empire will be handed over to his successor. But Heaven intervenes in the form of two great angels sent to redeem him. That’s if they can overcome Satan’s campaign of accusation!

From the pen of the poet who tells it like it is comes two profound tales of hope that demand you listen to their wisdom.
Andrea L. Stoeckel, Rockinrev Review



Hear the Author read from The Christian Reveries Collection

THE CHRISTMAS TREE — Shepherds and Wise Men

OBAMA'S DREAM — Opening Scenes