God Warned Obama. Did He Listen?
(Now joined by Abdiel’s audiobook narration)

It’s April 2015. President Barack Obama is sleeping in the White House, though not peacefully, when two great angels sweep into the Master Bedroom.

One draws Obama’s soul from his body and takes him on a night-time journey, teaching him new lessons about statecraft.

But Obama’s greatest lesson that fateful night, and his chance at redemption, comes when he is presented before the very throne of God!

Does Obama heed Heaven’s message? You decide!


“Abdiel is an exemplar of epic poetry, a rare gift in this day and age, or in ANY day and age!”
San Francisco Review of Books


“LeRoy’s hypnotic voice brings the reader in as he paints with words, his voice flowing with narrative song.”
Amy Shannon, Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews

“If you like epic poetry but it usually seems irrelevant because it is about such a different time, you might love this book. And maybe it will help make the Bible seem more relevant, too.”
Kit Donner

Hear the Author read from Obama’s Dream

In Verse Described!

This little theatre we call politics
Is full of lies and dirty tricks,
But what if angels came into the fray
To challenge presidents and what they say?

And what if one appeared before God’s throne
Where wicked schemes of men are overthrown
And Satan tried a victim to condemn?
This book turns upside-down the world of men!

Opening scenes from the audiobook: A standoff between angelic foes!