Mercy or Judgment Before the Throne of God?
(Also available in Abdiel’s audiobook narration)

Obama stands before the throne of God and is confronted with the crimes of empire. Will he receive mercy or judgment?

That depends on whether Satan can mount an effective prosecution and whether any will intercede on the politician’s behalf.

This visionary epic poem leaps through time and space and otherworldly encounter as a great angel takes Obama to scenes past and present, and introduces him to historical figures.

The results are transformational, both for a man and for all mankind!

“An exemplar of epic poetry.”
San Francisco Review of Books

“A new realm of reading.”
#1 Author, Top-20 of 2018,
Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews.”

“LeRoy’s hypnotic voice brings the reader in as he paints with words, his voice flowing with narrative song.”
Amy Shannon, Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews

“If you like epic poetry, but it usually seems irrelevant because it is about such a different time, you might love this book. And maybe it will help make the Bible seem more relevant, too.”
Kit Donner

Hear the Author read from Obama’s Dream