Will No-One Rid Me of This Troublesome Prophet?!


Jezebel. Yes, that Jezebel. The queen whose name for millennia has stood for female wickedness. Killer of innocents. Seducer of priests. And the Old Testament’s greatest supervillain!

Not so fast, says Jezebel herself. Mad as hell at the reputation history has dealt her, she enlists “a failed writer of obscure poetry and other works no-one cares to read” to tell her side of the story in this book.

Not “harlot queen,” she insists, but “virgin bride,” not murderer but moderate, and certainly not the bad guy in her struggle with the prophet Elijah, that “unkempt fire-and-brimstone hairy hermit,” and his successor Elisha.

It’s a riveting and saucy yarn, weaving invention around Scripture’s narrative, while offering compelling insights into the “monsters” who live, and even rule, among us!

Let this royal rant transport you to one of the Bible’s greatest showdowns, and into the mind of a great antagonist.

“So begin’s another great Abdiel LeRoy deep dive into biblical history… He is a gifted muse on his own terms, but give him a story like this one, connected to his love of Elijah…and holy cow what springs forth is amazing!”
Andrea Stoeckel, Rokinrev Reviews

Hear the Author read from Jezebel’s Lament