A Dangerous Prophet for Dangerous Times!
(Now joined by Abdiel’s audiobook narration. Samples below.)

Israel. 9th-century BC. Jezebel has killed the true prophets of the Lord, and Elijah must flee her wrath.

But he is not alone. Embraced by a shapeshifting goddess, counseled by a great angel, he is empowered to call down fire from Heaven!

In the spirit of Dante, Shakespeare, and Homer, this 12-book epic relives the stunning miracles of the great prophet as described in the Old Testament—fed by ravens, raising the dead, commanding the rain, calling down fire from Heaven, outrunning horses, ascending to Heaven.

But along with all this, the author weaves a rich thread of mythological influences: shapeshifting goddesses, shamanic journeys, dueling dragons, Queen Jezebel’s seductions, and dissension in the ranks of King Ahab’s bodyguard.

Raunchy yet reverent, and now joined by the author’s own audiobook narration, this timeless tale takes wing in the poet’s pen, the poet’s voice!

“An epic tale, Biblically based, but with considerable writer’s freedom that makes the book wholly entertaining.”
San Francisco Review of Books

“Fun, interesting, and entertaining, with elements of a heroic quest, pure fantasy, and sexy romance.”
Karen Siddall

“A monumental epic poem about the struggle between Elijah—with a little angelic support and a few friends—against Ahab and Jezebel and all their armies, priests, and whatever supernatural support the priests could provide… The telling was riveting, and you don’t need to know the story ahead of time to be moved by it.”
Kit Donner

“LeRoy has a great talent for writing an epic poem, and his hypnotic voice lends grandly to the narration of the story.”
Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews, Top 10 Books of 2018


Hear the Author read from Elijah

Sample 1

The weary prophet has collapsed under a tree’s shade in the desert, whence an angel appears.

Sample 2

The prophet tells of his miraculous encounter by the waters of Cherith Brook!

Sample 3

A beautiful maiden leads the prophet into an enchanted wood “Where bright-plumed birds adorned the nearby branches/ And butterflies were dancing on the wing.”

Sample 4

With a spectacular encounter of dragons, Moses prepares the prophet for a fight to the death on Mount Carmel.

Sample 5

Long-standing antagonisms resurface as Elijah again rebukes King Ahab.

Sample 6

THERE WILL BE BLOOD!!! Elijah sets the stage for his great showdown with the false prophets of Baal, and Heaven echoes with angels’ battle cries!

Sample 7

The seraph unveils a divine vision to the prophet.

Sample 8

Sample 8 is a sex scene, and omitted to avoid spoilers. Find the full unabridged narration at geni.us/Prophet.

Sample 9

Alone on Mount Sinai, Elijah is in low spirits again. “He hisses his resentment to the Lord.” But an earth-shattering revelation awaits!

Sample 10

Theft the goal, murder the means, and seduction the prelude to her plot, Jezebel disrobes by Ahab’s bed and “works” him into compliance.

Sample 11

Conflict breaks out in the king’s bodyguard as the prophet confronts Ahab with his crimes.

Sample 12

Micaiah is vastly outnumbered by Ahab’s compliant prophets, but he won’t let that stop him speaking truth to power!

Sample 13

Jezebel is up to her old tricks again, wielding her breasts to entice an army captain.

Sample 14

Goading a prophet reputed for calling down fire? Not a good idea!