Now Joined by Abdiel’s Audiobook Narration

(Audio excerpts below)

Being a prophet during the reign of Queen Jezebel is a dangerous calling. After all, she has put most of them to death! But Elijah has a mighty angel on his side, as well as a sisterhood of shapeshifting goddesses.

This majestic and imaginative retelling of the great Old-Testament prophet’s ministry and miracles will take you on a transcendental journey through time and space and otherworldly encounter!

Join Elijah as he takes on the false prophets of Baal, take cover in the enchanted moonlit woods of Cherith Brook, and ascend from the banks of the Jordan to choirs of angels!

At times raunchy, yet always reverent, this beautifully choreographed 12-book epic poem unfolds a timeless story of love and danger, wonder and prophecy!

“Absolutely wonderful and hypnotic narration, his voice flowing over gently with the narrative song of his words.”
Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews, Top 10 Books of 2018

“An epic tale, Biblically based, but with considerable writer’s freedom that makes the book wholly entertaining… Read one of Abdiel LeRoy’s books and more than likely you’ll reach for the others!”
San Francisco Review of Books

Hear the Author read from Elijah

Audiobook excerpts

1/ The Author introduces his epic poem.
“Introduction. Elijah’s life… in a chariot of fire.”
(00:06, from Introduction)

2/ The Author calls on muses for inspiration.
“He called down fire,… whispered instead.”
(00:35, from Invocation)

3/ We discover Elijah in the desert, praying for death.
“Beneath the Juniper… unto an angel’s touch.”
(00:54, from Book I)

4/ Elijah’s first sighting of the lovely maiden, Adina.
“The Lord instructed me … as if in duet with the stream.”
(01:52, from Book I)

5/ Adina leads Elijah into the woods!
“Deeper in we walked… suggesting invitation.”
(02:36, from Book I)

6/ Elijah prays over a corpse.
“I put the boy… Nay what have I to do with thee!”
(04:01, from Book II)

7/ Elijah’s shamanic journey.
“The shaded parts… here, they call me Merlin.”
(05:11, from Book IV)

8/ Elijah readies for battle with the false prophets of Baal!
“On the adjacent slope… The god who sends down fire, is God!”
(06:20, from Book V)

9/ Heaven mobilizes when Elijah prays!
“Thy cry as incense burned… chanted their war cries.”
(09:48, from Book V)

10/ The angel reascends to Heaven.
” ‘Elijah, that thou mayst … which one with him becomes.”
(10:21, from Book VI)

11/ Adina returns!
“Now as Elijah’s convulsions subside… she down his body slides.”
(11:43, from Book VII)

12/ Elijah encounters the Lord on Mount Sinai!
“The water still again,… I am about to pass by.’ “
(12:44, from Book VII)

13/ Jezebel’s bedroom manipulations.
“The queen draws closer now… I never could resist you, Jezebel.’ “
(13:30, from Book VIII)

14/ Jezebel plies her seductive arts on a soldier.
“The ailing king… To have the queen and monarchy entire.”
(13:59, from Book XI)

15/ Fifty soldiers versus one prophet!
“Their way now steep… But death descends ere one is fled.”
(16:08, from Book XI)

16/ Sonnet celebrating the love of Elijah’s life.
“There’s a recurrent theme… through the eyes’ awakened light.”
(17:34, from Book XI)