Audiobooks take us back to the oral tradition of storytelling. I love giving readers a way to enjoy my spoken word as well as the written word.

At Authors Direct, you will find my latest narrations at deeply discounted prices. Find them also at more than 40 retailers, or request them at your local library.

But please avoid buying my audiobooks at Amazon/Audible if possible. Here’s why…

  • As an author who dramatises my own characters through audiobook narrations, I have put enormous effort into getting my audiobooks listed alongside the eBook and paperback versions on Amazon, and I always intended audiobooks to lead the way in all my publishing efforts.
  • However, it has become a futile endeavor because Audible only pays me a lousy 25% share of revenue on any audiobook I sell there, and that’s if they’re being honest. The share I actually receive may be as low as 13%!

  • Worse yet, a sale I make on Audible one day may be gone the next. Audible (Amazon’s audiobook subsidiary) has long been encouraging listeners to enjoy an audiobook in full and then “return” it to regain the credit with “no questions asked” and then repeat this action an unlimited number of times. Each time a book is returned, it’s the author who takes the financial hit, while Audible continues to enjoy unchecked subscription revenues.
  • I am one of thousands of authors now joining forces to overthrow Audible’s fraud and to receive restitution. The company is exploiting its monopolistic (and, in this case, monopsonistic) power. You can find out more about our #Audiblegate movement here, and sign up for updates.

Thank you!


Abdiel’s Poet Prophetic Podcast includes audiobook installments, excerpts, and interviews.


Abdiel’s voiceover career spans four continents, beginning in 1997 with a nationally televised commercial for Colombian Coffee. From there, he went on to record spots for many more major brands, including Delta Airlines, Dunkin Donuts, Duracell, Kodak, Mercedes, Pepsi, and United Airlines.

Meanwhile, Abdiel has recorded innumerable narrations for documentaries, training films, and educational texts; and a poetry series for a U.S. publisher. He has also brought his array of voice characters and accents to audio dramas for the Sci-Fi Channel.