The Means to Merciful Munching!

Ever felt guilty about how much you eat? Or what you eat? Or when you eat? Let this book dispel your guilt!

Using principles from the Bible and great thinkers, The Gourmet Gospel will lead you to freedom of conscience in every aspect of life, and especially when it comes to “merciful munching”.

LeRoy explains why diets and “low-fat” foods are a path to condemnation and doomed to fail. Instead, he invites you to dine in joy and freedom, and to take a peaceful path to your healthy weight.

Meanwhile, this book celebrates the infinite variety of “Grace” – meaning “unmerited favour of God” – and shows how this simple idea transforms us, both at the individual level as well as globally.

Now let this book set you free!

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“Read one of Abdiel LeRoy’s books and more than likely you’ll reach for the others!”
San Francisco Review of Books
(Audiobook just released Summer 2018!)

Hear the Author read from The Gourmet Gospel

Preface and Introduction

The author invites you on the path to guilt-free eating! To hear the entire audiobook, click on the link near the top of this page.

Section I — The Return to Eden

Section II — No Law = No Sin!

Section III — In Christ

Section IV — The Slave to Righteousness

Section V — The Law of the Spirit of Life

If you would like to hear the remaining half of this book, please purchase a copy of the unabridged audio version using the link near the top of this page.