Angels Battle for a Soul!

Tears are shed in Heaven, and the divine countenance looks upon a fallen man. A brotherhood of angels prepare for battle, and fire leaps from the holy altar.

Thus the stage is set, a showdown looming, that will decide the course of a man’s soul and with it, the course of humanity!

Will condemnation win the day? Or will mercy triumph?

Find out in this visionary epic poem that leaps through time and space and otherworldly encounter, even to the throne of God!

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“Abdiel is an exemplar of epic poetry, a rare gift in this day and age, or in ANY day and age!”
San Francisco Review of Books

“Captivated me from start to end.”

“Deeply stirring, intelligent and amusing in turn… Takes the reader on a fantastic journey across time and space.”

“Cleverly done!”

“A great literary achievement.”

“A must-read for those into politics and literature… A true classic.”

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Hear the Author read from Obama’s Dream

Author's Welcome!

Abdiel unfolds the genesis of this epic poem, its parallels with Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, and how he enfolded his favourite Old-Testament scenes into the action.

In Verse Described!

This little theatre we call politics
Is full of lies and dirty tricks,
But what if angels came into the fray
To challenge presidents and what they say?

And what if one appeared before God’s throne
Where wicked schemes of men are overthrown
And Satan tried a victim to condemn?
This book turns upside-down the world of men!

Wings of Desire

The lights of Washington spread out below,
Two messengers of God sweep through the skies,
Alighting on the White House to bestow
Divine wisdom to counter darkest lies…