Man of God – Lover, Fugitive, Prophet!

Jezebel is out to kill him, shape-shifting goddesses are making love to him, and God Himself is raining down fire!

On the run in a homeland he must save, will Elijah find the lonely death he seeks? Or, with the help of a great angel, can he stage a triumphant return to Israel?

This epic poem tells the miraculous tale of the great Old-Testament prophet in a way never revealed before. But this is a very human story too, accompanying the man of God through danger, doubt, and fear; his struggles to understand God’s ways; and the relationships that sustain him in an often lonely mission.

At times raunchy, yet always reverent, LeRoy imagines scenes left out of the Bible, including ecstatic visions, otherworldly encounters, and journeys through time.

Enter a realm of wonder with this riveting and inspiring tale!

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“An epic tale, Biblically based, but with considerable writer’s freedom that makes the book wholly entertaining… Read one of Abdiel LeRoy’s books and more than likely you’ll reach for the others!”
Grady Harp, Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer

“This is the famed Bible story told in verse with all the original elements of doubt and danger, fear and friendship, trust and treachery. But the author also weaves fantastic invention into the mix with romance, time travel, and even dragons! This poem is as beautiful and delicate as the Bible itself.”

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In Verse Described!

He called down fire and false prophets slew,
He raised the dead, conversed with angels, flew
To Heaven in a chariot of fire
And fled from Jezebel’s murderous ire.

But there is more, O so much more to tell:
Of meeting Moses and a dragon’s spell,
Shapeshifting goddesses at Cherith Brook.
Such wonders will unfold within this book!

Preface and Introduction

First installment of the audio book!


“Exemplars of this literary form,
The Epic Poem, usually write
An Invocation, and I will conform
To this convention of artistic rite.”

Book I (explicit)

Elijah lies beneath a tree in the desert, praying for death, then falls asleep. He is twice awoken and fed by an angel, who assumes a human form so as not to overwhelm the man of God. The angel is the famed warrior Abdiel. Elijah relates how he earned the name ‘Troubler of Israel’, his prophecy that no rain would fall in the land, his flight to Cherith Brook where, according to God’s command, he would be fed by ravens. Meeting the lovely maiden, Adina.

Book II (explicit)

Elijah continues his narrative. As Cherith Brook dwindled, his last night with Adina. Led in a vision to go to Zarephath, a city in Jezebel’s homeland. Meeting there a widow preparing her last meal for herself and her son, named Mehdic. Promising her the supply of flour and oil would not run out until God sent rain. Elijah’s enjoyment of a farmer’s daughter. Trying to revive Mehdic.

Book III

Elijah asks Abdiel to relate his own story. The angel describes his sole stand against Satan’s design to depose God, and his first encounter with the enemy in battle. Abdiel’s role in other key events, including parting the Red Sea and the fall of Jericho, confirms he was present at Mount Carmel when Elijah called down fire from Heaven.

Book IV

Elijah continues his narrative. A night-time vision prompting his return to Israel. On the way, a shamanic journey that sets the stage for a showdown on Mount Carmel.

Book V

Abdiel and Elijah talk of dragons, then the prophet continues relating his story. Meeting the king’s administrator Obadiah, persuading him to tell Ahab of his return to Israel. Meeting with Ahab, and challenging the prophets of Baal and Asherah. The contest on Mount Carmel. The coming of rain and a race to Jezreel. Jezebel’s death threat, and Elijah’s flight into the desert.

Adina's Return (explicit)

A sisterhood of shapeshifting goddesses sustained Elijah when he hid at Cherith Brook. Now, one of them returns, and passion is rekindled!

Jezebel's Seduction

Jezebel is not used to being crossed. She’s wanted to kill Elijah for years, and after his pronouncement that her son, King Ahaziah, will not rise from his deathbed, her hatred is more intense than ever. But who will rid her of this troublesome prophet? Enter Benaiah, a captain with his own track record of cruelty, who has long despised the “Man of God”.